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February 29th, 2024 08:22

PowerVault MD3800f default password

good morning,

I followed the password recovery procedure for two PowerVault MD3800f controllers (earlier firmware version from using the reset button. Could you please tell me what is the default username and password in order to telnet the Ethernet ports;

thank you in advance, Manolis



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February 29th, 2024 12:33

Hello, at first, I have to say this if you attempt to access the Shell login to reset your MD3200, it's advisable to reach out to support as there might be unforeseen issues during the reset process. We don't disclose the username and password publicly, as improper usage could lead to significant damage unless guided by a Dell technician over the phone. However, since you managed to find the credentials through a web search, you can proceed with resetting the system independently. I found  a few reference link below.

Password Reset Dell Powervault MD3200i | PlanIT Computing – Business IT Blog

storage - PowerVault MD3000 Password Reset Console Password - Server Fault


Hope that helps!

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