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June 23rd, 2022 01:00

Rebooting Dell PowerVault MD3800i Controllers When Switching to UPS Operation

The Dell PowerVault MD3800i storage system, along with the Dell PowerEdge R730 server, is connected to two line-interactive APC Smart-UPS SUA2200RMI2U power supplies.
In this form, the storage system and the server have been working for several years without problems, but starting from March 2022, something has changed.
A power outage and transfer to UPS operation restarts both Dell PowerVault MD3800i controllers and the Dell PowerEdge R730 server runs without problems.
Switched the storage and server to other line-interactive APC Smart-UPS SMT2200RMI2U to determine the problem, but the behavior did not change.
At the same time, the batteries in all UPSs are in excellent condition.
Previously, this problem was not, but now it happens every time. What can be done?

p.s. At the moment, we are going to update the firmware on the storage system, as well as buy and connect to online APC Smart-UPS SRT2200RMXLI power supplies.

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