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December 1st, 2023 10:33

the question of T10 PI support in perc11/perc12 firmware


I noticed some info about T10 PI of dell product, and then some question.

1) DELL NL-SAS disk is formatted as T10 PI type 2.

   this is very nice. thanks.

2)  'perc add vd' have a 'pi' option, but this feature is not enabled(perc show pi).

    here 'pi' just means T10 PI between PERC RAID to host memory?  NOT the T10 PI between disk and PERC RAID?  NOT the T10 PI inside the SAS disk?

    if the disk detect some T10 PI CRC mismatch, it will return a error to PERC RAID, and PERC RAID will rebuild data from RAID5/RAID6?

3) ‘pi' of 'perc add vd'  have been removed in perc2,  Is it replaced by SAS4 FEC in perc2?

best regards



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December 1st, 2023 15:14

Hello, frankly this is a very detailed question. I researched this a lot. I researched many articles(internal and external) however I didn't encounter the removal of the ‘pi’ option in ‘perc add vd’ in PERC 12 and its replacement with SAS4 FEC is not clearly documented.


Typically, the ‘pi’ option in the ‘perc add vd’ command is associated with the T10 PI feature. However, without clear documentation, it's challenging to verify if this pertains to the interaction between the PERC RAID and host memory, the PERC RAID and the disk, or within the SAS disk itself. Generally, if a disk identifies a T10 PI CRC discrepancy, it's expected to send an error signal to the RAID controller, triggering a rebuild from RAID5/RAID6.

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January 14th, 2024 03:40

Has this question been clarified?

User guide for PERC 12 doesn't mention support for T10-PI nor 520b or 4160b format support.

Lifecycle controller user guide says T10-PI has been removed from PERC 9 with a certain firmware and above. Does it include PERC 10, 11 and 12?



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January 15th, 2024 02:50



T10PI support have been removed. I tried to look for documentation on PERC12 for the info, but there isn't any. Hence, I went through other user guide details. Since you're referring to PERC12 when I went through 16Gen server iDRAC 9 RACADM guides, and it stated that T10PI support is not supported. PERC 12 do not have 520b and 4160b sector support. For further clarification why there are no support capability, you may need to raise a support case through the technical support to reach out engineering to check the information. 

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