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November 29th, 2023 12:41

Dell 7920 Tower, 2 amber 4 white, have changed memory with no effect...ideas?

I have a 7920 Tower with a Silver Xeon 4110 CPU in.

I'm getting a 2 amber, 4 white error message when booting.  I've now tried 4 different memory pairs without a solution and have checked the memory in another machine and it seems OK.

Is there any way to 'force' the 7920 to do a BIOS reset before POST, so that it tries to reread the memory and resets it's internal 'what have I got installed' table?

I've read that I should be able to hold the Fn key and apply power to enter Pre Boot assessment

but my keyboard doesn't appear to have a Fn key as all the Function keys are single purpose (not dual function).  Sorry, just to add, I'm using an old PS/2 style keyboard as I'm assuming that a USB keyboard won't be recognised pre POST?

Any suggestions or ideas gratefully received.

Edit added - Found the CMOS jumper so going to try that.

CMOS didn't work, so looking for suggestions again.

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November 30th, 2023 13:44


was it working prior , as in you had it deployed or is a "new" purchase presenting issues ?

Was the ram changed/added, in case of working prior ?

it's just a try but... power on then immediately keep spamming F12 and lets see if it allows to launch epsa in your situation

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