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May 2nd, 2024 11:44

Dell Precision I9 RAM upgrade

Dear forum,

I own a Precision 5820 workstation with 64 GB of RAM (4 x 16 GB, DDR4 UDIMM RAM, 3200 MHz) no ECC). It´s running an Intel Core i9 10980 XE CPU. RAM is running on banks 1-4

I recently bought 2 x 32 GB Crucial Pro RAM sticks ( DDR4-3200 MHz UDIMM CL22) and installed them on banks 5 and 6. The upgrade is for a high end video post production project.

System did not boot up, no error messages, no beeping.

Removed the RAM, system boots up, all okay

Now my question:

  1. Is this the wrong type of RAM? I know it would be for a Xeon, but I believed an I9 should be okay
  2. Does the RAM need to be the same number of GB across all banks? So I would need to get 16 GB RAM sticks.
  3. Should it work and the RAM might just be broken? In this case I would return it to the seller and get a replacement

Thank you very much for your support in advance.

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May 2nd, 2024 17:52

You can also try with the non-pro kits instead.  For matching with existing RAM, use two of 32 GB kit (2x16GB) for a total of 4 modules to install on the remaining 4 DIMM slots.

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