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April 22nd, 2024 15:30

New Precision 3460 SFF machines overheat while sleeping

My new Precision 3460 SFF overheats while sleeping, so when I resume the machine, the fans run at a maximum speed (with a quite loud noise) for a few minutes until it becomes normal.

This is apparently related to the machine going to sleep. It had been reported by users to have happened multiple times before info got to us in IT and we realized the dangerous condition and started paying close attention. I have disabled sleep in the bios for those 4 machines, and will probably now need to do so for the other 16 deployed machines, and 80 which are yet to be deployed. I would dearly love to come up with an answer that assuages the after-hours-fire concerns of my superiors so that I didn't need to disable sleep on this many machines. Not that it's a massive amount for us to absorb, but a sleeping machine uses 1-2 watts while a resting machine uses 7-8 (as anecdotally measured by my Kill-A-Watt meter). 

The firmware and drivers are already up-to-date, and the issue is still there. 

Did anyone experience the same issue and help me out with this issue? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I found the same issue exists in Optiplex 7000 SFF machines, which seems to be fixed by a new firmware release. The thread is here:

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April 23rd, 2024 00:31

I do remember hearing of the issue before.  I'd use the "Get help now" button on the lower right and chat with Dell directly as this forum is user to user.  And I take it your units are all in warranty yet.

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April 24th, 2024 01:38

There were overheating reported from Micro systems, but haven't seen the overheat issue as widespread reports from small form factors.  Therefore, awaiting for a firmware fix may not be a good idea. 

Along with contacting warranty support, there is a couple of BIOS features you might want to test with.  In Active State Power Management, you can change value enable/disable from the current settings of Deep Sleep Control and Fan Control Override.  

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