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May 22nd, 2024 02:56

Precision 3460 SFF RAM Memory Upgrade

Hey, Dell enthusiasts! DO NOT listen to Dell's official specs for this machine that it only takes 64GB maximum RAM.  It takes MORE!

My newly bought Precision 3460 SFF easily takes 2 by 48GB DDR5 Modules making total RAM size 96GB.  Like a charm - easy.  Here is the link to exact modules I purchased:

By the way, for those who have Precision 3660 Tower (I recently got one, too), it also takes 96GB the same way (or even possibly will accept 192GB as well by installing 4 by 48GB modules.  Here is the link for you:

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May 22nd, 2024 03:00

Also, both 3460 & 3660 work easily with Intel i9-14900KF - I'm using them now, just bought CPU's and installed them.  Will also be trying the VR Heatsinks 3YHRX

In couple of days will install low profile Nvidia A2000 12GB with low profile bracket into 3460, will see how it goes...

... will keep you posted (those who are interested :)
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