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April 25th, 2024 22:35

Precision 5860 Tower Workstation Long time to boot (Windows 11)


I got this new pc. It takes a very long time to boot. I will see the splash screen Dell Safe Bios and it will take 10 minutes or more to boot.

I even saw it trying to automatically updating the bios firmware even though I did not run it from dell command update.

The machine came with Windows 11 and a Windows 11 license, can I do a clean install of windows 10 and will it still activate?

I see the website has windows 10 drivers as well.

1. Are there motherboard settings to that can make the machine boot faster? (I have an ssd)

2. Should I try windows 10? Would I need to buy a separate license?

3. Should I factory install windows 11

4. Or should I look for a warranty replacement even if the hardware diagnostics is good?

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April 26th, 2024 00:38

From previous models of Precision large tower, it could take up to 2 minutes to boot into Windows.  With RAID volumes and large amount of system memory, it would take longer.

1.  You can attempt to tweak with options and features in BIOS settings.  Making change one of a time to identify which options can make improvement.  SSD boot will certainly be faster than HDD boot.

2.  You can temporarily remove Win 11 boot drive and try Win 1 0.  There is no need for purchasing additional license, Once the system status is active for Win 11 license, the hardware will be recognized by MS and Win 10 will be activated automatically.  Make sure that you install the same edition as in Win 11.

3.  I thought your system was factory installed with Win 11.  Do you mean to say a clean install of Win 11?

4.  You can attempt to request a warranty replacement if eligible.  

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April 26th, 2024 01:15

Thanks fore the input.

No raid. Just 1 ssd.

The system came with factory windows 11 image. I did mean a clean install of windows 11. I can either do the windows usb tool or the dell support assist tool to do the image.

Overall it seems like the new dell safe bios is making it alot slower. I wish the bios was like the older models

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April 26th, 2024 03:20

Yes, that new BIOS verification feature would adding more times to make a longer boot time.  I've learnt when Dell pushed it out to some XPS models and it is here to stay.

A clean install using media create by Windows Creation Tool is worth a try.  If you have Windows 11 for Workstation, just tick the box I don't have a key, then select Windows 10 for Workstation.  When the installation is complete, it should be activated (active).

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