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April 6th, 2024 19:05

T3600 - Still looking for compatible motherboards

I have a Dell T3600 with broken motherboard. I found sources for several versions of original motherboards. There are at least the following options: 0MNPJ9 08HPGT 0F88T1 0RCPW3 0PTTT9 0MYTFF . I have no idea if there are any differences between these options. My computer has 0PTTT9.

I would like to know, if any of the newer models have compatible motherboards. Especially, if any Dell motherboard with TPM 2.0 support can be installed without too much problems? T3610 seems to have similar case design but a newer version of C600 chipset. I know that it has the same TPM limitation but it obviously has a better CPU support. Are the T3610 motherboards compatible?

I am currently running Ubuntu on Optiplex 9010 with i7-3770 and it has been performing just fine. There is probably not much to be gained by upgrading to T3600. 

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April 6th, 2024 22:04

motherboard with descriptions, some having TPM disabled

note T3600 XL is a special edition of T3600

Card,Planar,Precision Workstation,T3600,Third Party Maintenance.
Card,Planar,T3600,Disable Trusted Platform Module,XL.


Card,Planar,Precision Workstation,T3600,Disable Trusted Platform Module,#2.
Card,Planar,Precision Workstation,T3600,Trusted Platform Module,XL.


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April 6th, 2024 22:08

T3600 has LGA2011 socket, C600 server chipset, which is cousin of X79 chipset

LGA2011 socket cpu is not officially eligible for Win 11 if your need for TPM is for that reason.


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