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September 23rd, 2023 20:59

bit locker activated after update

Vostro 3525

Vostro 3525

My Dell Vostro 3525 which is only 12 days out of warranty has stopped working, i downloaded & installed a new windows update today which seemed to do a bios update as well, after this the laptop noe requires a bit locker code which i have not got or have ever setup, i have checked everywhere on the internet for a solution but anything suggested does not work, is there any way of getting the system going again with keeping the data & settings that is on it intact ???  help

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September 24th, 2023 16:33

Hi @dlyt :

See the MS support article Finding your BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows. If any user signs in on this computer with a Microsoft Account they should log in at from another device to see if their recovery key is stored there.

If that doesn't help see my 13-Sep-2023 post # 2587029 in Wheeler's topic Bitlocker Recovery Key in the AskWoody forum as well as comments by other users in that thread.  Wheeler's daughter also had a new Dell computer that began prompting them to enter their Bitlocker recovery key at boot-up, and they eventually found the recovery key after she logged in to the Azure AD (active directory) account at that she created when she first signed in to her school email account.  If you sign in to a work or school account from your Vostro laptop that possibility is covered in the Finding your BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows article I mentioned before.

If you eventually find your Bitlocker recovery key post back and let us know your Windows operating system shown at Settings | System | About | Windows Specifications (be sure to tell us if your have a Home, Professional or Educational edition) and we can provide instructions on turning off Bitlocker disk encryption so this problem doesn't happen again.
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