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December 1st, 2023 13:52

monitoring health of server hardware


So, is there some good out-of-band way to monitor health of the server (fans, temperatures, mem, cpu, and... drives/raid of course).

Servers are all 14th/15th gen, and have Enterprise iDRACs. Like R640, M640 and such.

I am mostly interested in the rack servers though.

I have tried IPMI, but that doesnt report about drives/raid.

SNMP... searched and searched, but nope.

I just want some simple way to check the health via a e.g. nagios script.

OMSA is too heavy to install for this (and always fail to work after a few OS upgrades).

Group Manager, yeah just a web UI, right?

How?? :)



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December 1st, 2023 18:31



I believe the best option for you would be OpenManage Enterprise, which  is the modern tool compared to OMSA, you can read about here


Let me know if this helps. 


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December 3rd, 2023 22:32

Ah yes, i did try that. But that was, well...

1. i basically need to have a whole dedicated server/VM running at wherever the servers are

2. it was big and slow

3. i want all surveillance in the tool of my choice (nagios in my case)

4. and i am pretty sure there were other issues too that made this non viable

It just seems like such a straight forward thing to be able to do? To ask the servers if they are OK...

Surely there must be some way for an enterprise iDRAC to accomodate this? :)

I mean, a single point where i can get an answer like

- All good


- Disk in slot X is bad

or such

The "RollupStatus" thing from "racadm getsysinfo" (or "racadm raid get enclosures -o​") is, well, halfway there.

It will state if all is good, but wont specify what the problem is if it aint.

Also, its not there for gen 13 servers it seems.




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04-12-2023 08:27 AM

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