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October 11th, 2013 14:00

Cannot add new drive to MV/CE windows cluster


Two node Windows 2008 R2 cluster.  Local and remote sites.  Using MV/A.


Solutions enabler 7.5

Cluster configured with 1 CE application group in the cluster.  Cluster works as configured and can be moved between primary and remote site. 

Goal is to add another drive to the CE group in the cluster for additional storage.

Initial steps and Issue:

Followed steps documented at  

(added new drive to available storage group in cluster, discovered storage)

When attempting to add drive by modifying group, received message indicating group was in synchronous mode and a asynchronous device could not be added (I have NO synchronous replication in my environment).

EMC support was no help on this.  Anyone else run into this and have a workaround?


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October 29th, 2013 11:00

this error appears when you have mixed replication type on the group async , Sync . as per your mentioned point you don't have Sync replication.. did you try to re-create the mirror and start CE cluster convert


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October 29th, 2013 13:00

Yes, I have recreated the mirror and tried adding other mirrors to the cluster as a test and always get the same message.

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