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September 28th, 2014 10:00

Lun Migration with Mirrorview/a

We have a existing mirror Connection between a CX4-120 and a VNX 5200. 8 Primary Mirror LUNs on the CX4-120 are synchronized to LUNs on the VNX 5200.

Two Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server mit Microsoft Failover Cluster are accessing this LUNs. Currently we have Problems with the remaining size of the original LUNs. Therefore we want to migrate the active LUNs to the VNX 5200 where we have enough space.

Actually we do not know which is the correct way to do this Migration.

We assume the following way:

1. Stop the I/O on the original storage

2. Synchronize the whole LUNs

3. Stop the Host Access to the LUNs

4. Fracture the whole mirrors

5. Promote all secondary Images on the ESXi

6. Resize the LUNs on the VNX

7. Add the new LUNs to the storagegroup for the Hosts (same Host Lun IDs as the original System)

8. Remove the original LUNs from the original storagegroups

9. Restart the Hosts and renew the Powerpath settings

10. Have a look at the Microsoft Failover Cluster if the Cluster Shared Devices are online

11. Possibly a new reboot

Please, have a look at the Migration process we have outlined if we missed anything.

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