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January 28th, 2013 07:00

MirrorView/CE and RecoverPoint/CE Co-existing

We currently have a SQL Cluster (Windows 2008) and its configured with MirrorView/CE  The SQL data LUNs are presented up from a CLARiiON CX4-480 and replicated to another CX4-480 using MirrorView/s.

We need to move the SQL data over to a new VNX7500 which is replicating to another VNX7500 using recoverpoint CRR.

Can the Cluster Enabler control / co-exist on the same SQL server?  In other words can the cluster enbler installed on the SQL server control both failover of MirrorView and RecoverPoint repliacted LUNs presented from different storge arrays.

I have seen this statement for Recoveroint

"The same Recoverpoint Cluster must manage all replicated physical disk resources for  cluster node.  A cluster node cannot have resource replicated by multiple RecoverPoint cluster systems"

But wanted to know if this applies to MirrorView as well RecoverPoint CE on the same host ?

Many thanks

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January 29th, 2013 04:00

  • NO, it could not be managed using the 2  techniques. Only one technique should be used at a time. If you are using RP CRR then probably RP/CE will be your best option. To migrate from CLARiiON to the VNX for your    Current MV/CE protected cluster you will have to de-configure the cluster first but I am not entirely sure that you will need to initiate replication to the secondary node using RP from scratch, ”however I believe you will need that”

  • Each technology has it is unique underlying technology. They both initiate the failover and failback using the host WMI “wmiperv.exe” process but each has it is unique mechanism in handling the replication and cluster properties. For instance SRDF/CE allows up to 64 Witness disks while the MV/CE disallow witness disk .
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