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February 14th, 2013 18:00

MV/A full sync required after snapshot rollback in primary image?

Dear all,

Got a question regarding MV/A.

In a customer DR scenario, the primary LUNs (total 5, a CX4-240 storage) have Snapview Snapshot created daily and MV/A setup to sync data (hourly) to remote DR site (VNX5500).

the customer wanted to know that, when there is need to rollback the snapshot to the primary LUNs, do the remote site need to be full sync, or just resync the mirror will be enough?

There is no document mentioning what shall be done AFTER the rollback.  It just mentioned that we need fracture the mirror before rollback.

Based on the documents (Snapview knowledge), it seems only resync the mirror will work, but I have doubt on it as in customer case, the snapshot can be taken on 6:00am and rollback on 8:00pm.  There are numerous synchronization performed through MV/A, and I am not sure if the storage know the difference and perform the resync correct,

Any idea?

Thanks a lot,

Rayson Wong

February 15th, 2013 21:00


It will only be a partial resync when the restore completes.  The changes sent to the secondary image would be those that are restored from the RLP LUNs (upon rollback) that were originally redirected via COFW to preserve the point-in-time that the snapshot represents when the blocks were updated for the first time during the life of the SnapView session.  It kind of mentions it in the "MirrorView Knowledge" found on under the section "Instant Restore".

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February 16th, 2013 20:00

Thanks a lot, Chris.  I missed that part in the knowledgebook.


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