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September 30th, 2012 18:00

Remote replication for clerra gateway connected to backend VMAX

The backend storage will be physically composed from the VMAX array and the connectivity between the VMAX array and the Celerra would be FC cables. And in the backend (at the VMAX level), the data flow to the LUNs is same as the other hosts connected to the SAN (i.e block level data flow), however, multiple filesystems(NFS) are created on Celerra gateway, the clients that get connected to the Celerra over the "Ethernet LAN" network see the physical storage on the VMAX through the Celerra gateway, thus the file level data access properties being retained, partly due to the Ethernet network and partly due to the Celerra, which is optimized for the NAS (File share) connectivity.

Now the requirement is to copy all the filesystems(NFS) on celerra to all the filesystems(NFS) on remote celerra gateway? what are my options. Can i use array based replication from VMAX to VMAX such as SRDF or do i need to do NAS level replication to maintain the NFS consistent data.

we have more than 30TB that needs to be migrated and not looking at hostbased utilities.


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September 30th, 2012 20:00

best and more versatile solution is to use VNX Replicator.

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