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August 14th, 2014 01:00

VNX Replicator Problem to switch over

Hi there

Source: NS20 NAS 6.0.70

Target: VNX5400 OE 8.1.0-15


  1. A replication is created between source and target using VNX Replicator
  2. Source is R/W mode, target in R/O
  3. When we are sure that all the files are replicated on target, i stop the replication with "stop" button, then replication is deleted fron source
  4. There is no replication between source and target.
  5. I export FS in R/W
  6. When i try to acces to this FS from a Windows XP client, to create a new folder, i get the error message (sorry it's in french): "Impossible de créer le dossier "nouveau dossier" - Erreur du système de fichier (65535)"

Same punition when i use "Switch over" button

Someone has an idea?

August 14th, 2014 02:00

Interesting. Can you please let me know what procedure did you follow to replicate these file systems ? Was it VDM level, DM level or system level ?



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August 14th, 2014 08:00


I do not use VDM because i have to export simultaneously NFS and CIFS FS then no VDM in my conf.

I follow "Replication wizard" and i choose "File system" to answer at replication type question.

Then, i create a celera network server, then i choose a datamover interconnect, run replication session.

All files appears to be the same (same properties, same rights, same usergrp and security properties) between source and target...

Oh just a precision, we had to connect the VNX to an LDAP server.

August 15th, 2014 08:00

The First thing you need to establish a proper connection between source & destination system. They have to have a trust relationship. I mean create an interface for both as source and destination (for source the other system has to be destination & for destination the other has to be source, this has to be done from control station as Bi-directional).

Specify peer Celerra network server.

Next, Create an interface for both the data mover (this will be used as interconnect b/w source & destination, click on show advanced settings to choose carefully).

Simplest way is to use Replication wizard from Unisphere (Replicas tab)

Select the interface for Replication session.

Specify the time for the data to be in sync (interval)

After this you can re-run the wizard to choose replication type as File System.

Select other values as per above settings (Clerra Network server, DM interface, Replication session interface, Source & dest FS).

Do not switch-over till the time the data is not fully in-cynch.

Before you switch-over, you need to create an interface on destination for FS with the same name as source.

First you need to switch-over DMs. Next FS. Then switch-over the Session.

Last is to check DNS & NTP then map the share to host (if required).

Now, you need to replication session.

Hope this will help you.



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