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March 21st, 2019 23:00

DellEMC Elastic Cloud Storage ECS

I have a Question For DellEMC Elastic Cloud Storage ECS

What is the difference between S3 authentication signature version 2 and S3 authentication
signature version
Questions & Answers PDF Page 3
A. Version 2 uses a shared secret and access key ID
Version 4 uses the date/region algorithm
B. Version 2 uses HMAC algorithm
Version 4 uses the credentials scope algorithm
C. Version 2 uses a namespace based signature
Version 4 uses HMAC algorithm
D. Version 2 uses the secret key to sign the request
Version 4 uses a signing key

Can Any One please tell its right answer. Question Source:

April 4th, 2019 10:00


I don't know what the answer is in Certsengine site. I'm not familiar with that site.

What I can tell you is the right answer for the question you are referring to.

ECS S3 Services supports two types of signatures, Version 2 and Version 4.

In Signature Version 2, the secret key is used to sign the request, and the signature is calculated from the secret key using HMAC authentication. The Signature Version 2 authorization header that is sent with the request contains the access key ID and signature.

Signature Version 4 (Recommended signature) uses a signing key instead of the secret key to sign the request. The signing key is calculated based on HMAC, the secret key, and the credential scope. The credential scope comprises the date, region, service name, and termination string. For ECS, the service name is always s3, and the region can be any string. When computing the signature, ECS uses the region string passed by the client. The Signature Version 4 authorization header contains a credential component that comprises the access key ID and credential scope.


So, the right answer is D: Version 2 uses the secret key to sign the request. Version 4 uses a signing key

Hope this helps


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