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September 25th, 2013 23:00

E20-324 Why the application not writing at 32 KiB ?

Hi andre.rossouw ,

I am trying to understand this question, will appreciate to help me .

You are reviewing log files for a customer's application using Analyzer, and note the followinG. -NFS write

size is 8 KiB LUN -Write size is 8 KiB -Disk write size is 32 KiB You can see that LUN write sizes are

identical at 8 KiB.

Why is the application not writing at 32 KiB?

A. No coalescing of data is occurring.

B. Data access is sequential.

C. Cache is being dumped.

D. The HWM value is too high.

Here is the related lecture note for this question. This is saying that coalescing is happening at the system storage. Why the answer stating that no coalescing of data is occuring ? I am confused .....


September 26th, 2013 06:00

Though it’s true that the storage system is coalescing – 8 kB LUN writes, and 32 kB disk writes – that’s not what the question asks. If the storage system can write to disk at 32 kB, it means that the 8 kB pieces from the application are contiguous. The application, however, writes at 8 kB, so the application is not coalescing contiguous data.


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