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July 5th, 2018 14:00

E20-555 Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects


I've studied Isilon Fundamentals, and Isilon Solution Design - Video ILT, based on the Dell EMC Proven Professional Exam Description. However, I have taken the actual exam and the outcome was not satisfactory. I felt that my study materials did not line up with the actual exam. Would someone guide me to better prepare myself for this exam (E20-555) please?

I also did the practice test, however there was not a single question from the practice test. Please advise.



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July 10th, 2018 07:00

Hello Eddie -

Please go ahead and submit a support request and our team can assist further.


Dell EMC Proven Professional Team

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August 3rd, 2020 01:00


I'm about to start my internship at Univision Technology Consulting (remotely). Can they oblige me to take this examination? I'm studying online now and I've only a month to prepare for the exam. Where can I find the study guides / tips / instructions? Thanks.





Joseph York


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August 3rd, 2020 05:00

Hello York,

Please review our exam description below that includes our course information and free practice test link.

Good luck with your exam to you!

Best, Naomi


March 9th, 2023 06:00

Pass Dell EMC E20-555 Exam Certification You Want

Download Updated Exam Material Here :


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April 7th, 2023 06:00

hi @Natashaberry89 

Have you obtained this certification? Would you mind sharing your experience, and could you describe what your preparation process was like?

Looking forward for your response.


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April 7th, 2023 07:00

Hello nairtechie,

So that you know - we updated the program framework for this exam.

Here is the exam description link.

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