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October 15th, 2020 20:00

What are the best books or tutorials to learn SEO?


What are the best books or tutorials to learn SEO?
My friend suggested a book written by Adam Clarke which says “Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies”.
Recommend good books and tutorial videos also.

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November 13th, 2020 04:00

Hi @JeffreyH5,

Except from the websites such as Moz and Ahrefs, I will recommend you to read some books, too. If you are a beginner, The Good Book of SEO could be a good start (it's not too serious and it's easy to read). And you should try to find resources published this year, because everything is changing quickly and something from the last year could already be outdated.

Best of luck!

March 21st, 2021 10:00

I think the best way out is youtube. Youtube has tons and tons of content available. After you watch it just start a blog and start doing seo. Unless you do not practice it there is no way you learn it. I myself have a blog and do seo. So if you need any guidance I can provide you that 

June 13th, 2021 10:00

Today there is large opportunities for learning SEO and another digital marketing courses, no matter from where do your learn but there is a matter  how do you learn, how do you understand, and which types ot tecquinics will give you more and more satisfaction.

So, i always say about the youtube, yes there is many teachers,  many channels which will give your precious knowladge for free. Some channels like moz, search engine journal, Neil patel etc are most valuable channels.

But if you want to learn with the face to face interactions, if you want to learn with a teachrer and in a propper class, then you can come with us at :-


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June 25th, 2021 06:00


Hi JeffreyH5,

There are thousands of blogs, podcasts and videos covering every aspect of SEO on YouTube , , etc.  but they rarely give you all of the information you need to be successful.

Some of the books which I found helpful:

-The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization

-SEO For Dummies, 7th Edition

I will suggest you to  also join different forums like. 

Warrior Forum

Google Webmaster Central Help 

SEO Chat

Or you can go through topic based learning module provided by

Happy Learning  



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August 29th, 2021 02:00

This is a question I get a lot from people wanting to learn SEO. There are plenty of articles out there on how to learn SEO, but most people wanting to get started don't know which books or tutorials will give them the best overview of what it takes to do SEO. For that reason, I've put together a list of resources I would recommend.
1) MOZ' Beginners Guide to SEO
2) SEOmoz's SEO Starter Guide
3) Google 's Search Engine Optimization starter guide
4) Search Engine Land 's Beginners Guide to SEO
Or you can take a look here ( In case you will get bored reading

September 24th, 2021 01:00

Youtube is the best platform to learn about SEO.

November 13th, 2021 09:00

Hi! The one from Adam Clarke is a good tutorial tho I read it but Youtube is a good way to learn as well

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November 29th, 2021 07:00

If you are looking to get into the SEO field or just want to know more about it, then starting with a search engine optimization audit is a good idea. This will enable you to see where your site stands and what areas need improvement. An effective and comprehensive seo audit service will make use of various tools to come up with its results. You can even use some of these tools for free, but they will not be as effective or comprehensive as paid services. Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an SEO audit are:
* The number and type of keywords being analyzed
- Search volume
- Localized keywords
- Difficulty 
- Competitiveness
* The number of sites being analyzed and the selection process involved in choosing them
* Any other special requirements you might have that will affect your decision. Offerings such as keyword research, content creation, link building, etc., should also be considered. These services usually use a wide range of tools to find out how well your site is performing in the search engine results.
There are several things you can learn from an SEO audit:
* Find and fix broken links and incorrect HTML tags on your site
* See where your site stands in the organic results of major search engines
* Get a more comprehensive list of keywords that can be targeted for better ranking
* Get recommendations for correcting errors, improving page load speed, etc

December 6th, 2021 03:00

The best book for learning SEO is "The Art Of SEO" by Eric Enge. I would also recommend Google's SEO Starter Guide Lastly, if you're looking to learn about guest posting, check out TrafficKite's guide to the "What is guest posting and how you can find quality websites for guest posting"

Guest blogging is a very easy way to get your name out there in your industry. It will position you above your competitors who are doing nothing more than simply trying to rank their website high on search engine results pages (SERPS) by using typical SEO workarounds. 

October 23rd, 2022 10:00

Some of the sites you should check out include:    

  • Search Engine Land    
  • Moz    
  • Search Engine Watch    
  • CopyBlogger    
  • HubSpot    
  • Google Community   
  • Search Engine Journal    
  • Search Engine Roundtable 

There are a lot of books & tutorials on SEO. I would recommend two of them. The first one you should read is ‘The Art of SEO’ by Eric Ward. This book is very understandable and very useful if you are just getting started. I also suggest you read ‘The Art of SEO’ by Aaron Wall. This book is a more advanced guide and a must read for more experienced SEO’s. These sources have helped me a lot in building my own resource traffickite.

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