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February 12th, 2024 01:45

SA System Repair and KB5034441

I have two Dell Inspiron laptops with SupportAssist System Repair enabled. BitLocker is NOT enabled on either of them. If successfully installed, will Security Update KB5034441 interfere with SA System Repair’s ability to set Repair Points?

My understanding is that KB5034441 modifies the winre.wim file in the WinRE partition in order to prevent BitLocker from being bypassed.  My understanding of SA’s System Repair is that this SA feature does not depend on the WinRE partition for recovery, but instead has its own recovery mechanism whereby backups are systematically and regularly stored in a hidden folder at C:\ProgramData\Dell\SARemediation\SystemRepair.  Since both KB5034441 and SA System Repair have something to do with WinRE, I am wondering whether KB5034441 will interfere with the ability of SA System Repair to set repair points and/or to initiate recovery, if needed.

Should I try KB5034441 to see if it will successfully install?  I have read that it will do no damage, if it does NOT successfully install, so I am not worried about that -- it's the opposite here -- what if it DOES successfully install and I have SA's System Repair enabled?  Or should I just skip/hide it?  I might want to enable BitLocker in the future so this is a reason for wanting to try to install it, but at the same time I don’t want to bollix the SA's now-working-fine System Repair, if the KB manages to install.

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