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February 18th, 2024 12:47

Support Assist Fails to install updates

Hello!  Just within the last few days I have noticed Support Assist gives issues .. first it was failing to load so I uninstalled and reinstalled .. now it does open.  Interesting note - when it failed to load it was showing me a Copyright 2024 on the loading screen but now it shows 2023.  And when I check about / version it says I'm latest, but on my newer Dell laptop I recently opened Support Assist and it shows 2024 (which made me think my older desktop is not on the latest version).

That aside when I try to Check for Updates (Get Drivers and Downloads) every time (I have done this 4-5 times it goes for about 1:04 minutes and then it says failed) .. it never gets past the "preparing" step .. see screenshots below.  

As second screenshot also shows I ran all the other steps yesterday without issue.  Last screenshot shows version up to date.

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