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April 15th, 2024 19:07

Support Assist installed via Image Assist will not run, uninstall, reinstall

I have created an image with Image Assist and I'm imaging some machines with the USB that was created. During the capture, I selected to have SA installed. After imaging, I can see SA is installed, but it will not open. It just keeps saying "Support Assist is taking more time than expected to complete its setup. Try again after 30 minutes...". I have waited several hours and still I get the same message. 

If I try to uninstall, it seems to complete and the items are gone from the Start menu, but when I then try to install SA for home just to get it working, I keep getting an error that the installation is cancelled because there is already a version managed by org installed.

I've also tried the SupportAssistCleanup.ps1 scripts that Deployment PAckage has, but they do not work. 

Any idea what the best solution would be to get SA working?


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