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December 8th, 2023 20:43

SupportAssist takes up enormous amount of RAM!

All of a sudden my SupportAssist started behaving irresponsibly - taking up all free RAM.
I have witnessed this on both OS that I use on my laptop
1.) Win11 Pro 23H2 for my main work environment.
2.) Win11 Home 23H2 - Installed on a different partition, which I use strictly for gaming.
My laptop is Dell G3 3500 i7-10750H, 32GB RAM, Crucial SSD 2TB NVMe, Crucial SSD 2TB SATA.
Here is a screenshot of what amount of RAM is taken by the SupportAssist app.

And last, here is a screenshot of the versions of the Dell Apps of SupportAssist:

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December 8th, 2023 22:38

Depending on the settings, it will also consume a lot of storage space to keep up with system restore images.  Many users considered these Support Assist Tools counter productive and removing them would make your system be more efficient and better performance.

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