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April 15th, 2024 15:33

SupportAssist v4 cleanup deletes sensitive data

OptiPlex 7070 Micro

OptiPlex 7070 Micro

I started having issues with the application Notepad++ since around the time I updated SupportAssist from v3.x to v4, now I have gathered evidence that conclusively proves that SupportAssist's optimization/cleanup job is deleting sensitive user files, namely Notepad++ "session.xml" inside "%AppData%\Notepad++".

I have found a number of other users who recently started complaining in Notepad++ GitHub page about this issue, and quite a few also have narrowed it down to SupportAssist being the problem.

Looking at SRE ExtendedLogs, I can find the following: _FixedDiskCleanerResult_2024_04_12_22_05.txt

Inside is the targeted file: c:\users\****\appdata\roaming\notepad++\session.xml, 25,36 kb, 1, noteplusplus, application

By the way, those asterisks are verbatim, it means that SupportAssist will delete the files recursively inside every user profile. This is a seriously bad implementation, why would Dell think to delete files which it knows nothing about?

More detailed information about this can be read in my post in Notepad++ Community forum or Notepad++ GitHub repository.

@DELL-Chris M announced a few days ago the release of v4.0.2, but that doesn't seem to address this... how could it. I'd like for someone from Dell to comment on this and send it up the chain.


P.S.: Click on the "I have this problem too" link below to bring attention to this.

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