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January 24th, 2024 15:18


SupportAssist helps discover the health of a PC. It notifies when updates are available, detects hardware problems, helps optimize system settings, and scan for viruses.


System freezing is a common occurrence, where the operating system becomes unresponsive, especially when multitasking or running tasks that heavily utilize hardware resources. It's important to note that hardware failure is not always the cause of system freezing or unresponsiveness. SupportAssist is a useful tool for running hardware diagnostics on the system and ruling out any hardware failures.


In many cases, users tend to avoid restarting the system and instead continue to use the PC, trying various steps. There are several factors that can contribute to system freezing or unresponsiveness, such as having too many applications running, outdated drivers, operating system issues like a corrupt registry or services not starting, excessive heating, tampering with settings that affect system performance, insufficient memory or power, and compatibility issues with external devices connected to the PC. To resolve these issues and improve system performance, it is important to troubleshoot them in a systematic and logical order. This is where SupportAssist proves to be valuable, as it offers various troubleshooting options, including running diagnostics, updating drivers, clearing cache clutter, optimizing OS settings, and more.

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