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January 21st, 2024 00:18

PowerStore Thin Clones Question

Hi everyone,

I have a project to copy a number of volumes from a physical server to a new one. I have created thin clones of the source volumes, with regular refresh of the thin clones.

When the time comes to cut over to the new server, how do I separate the thin clones from the parents? My plan is to bring down the databases, unmap the source volumes from the old server and then do a final refresh. 

At that point, do I need to delete the parent volumes to separate or break the mirror before mapping the clones to the new server or is there a better way where I can keep the parent volumes in case I run into problems?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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January 22nd, 2024 22:54

Hello jpalmero,

It is best to open a support case so that we can look at your configuration and then we can provide the best possible solution for you.

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