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March 3rd, 2016 16:00

Show Remote SID details without symrdf list -v format

Hi, is there a way to show the Remote SID for the Remote Dev in symrdf *without* having to go through the full symrdf list -v ?

i.e. to show a line per device relationship as per the non -v output below, but to include the Remote SID (obviously in a large environment the RDev could be on various different arrays ...) ? Many thanks.

Symmetrix ID: 000000000001

                              Local Device View
                    STATUS     MODES                     RDF  S T A T E S
Sym        RDF      ---------  -----  R1 Inv   R2 Inv ----------------------
Dev  RDev  Typ:G    SA RA LNK  MDATE  Tracks   Tracks Dev RDev Pair
---- ---- --------  ---------  ----- -------  ------- --- ---- -------------

17F0 17F0   R2:1    RW WD RW   S..2.       0        0 WD  RW   Synchronized
17F1 17F1   R2:1    RW WD RW   S..2.       -        - WD  RW   Synchronized

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March 3rd, 2016 17:00


symcfg -sid xxx -rdfg all list

will show the remote array serial number for every RDF group configured on the local array.

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March 4th, 2016 07:00

Thanks Jason, and that's great, I should've made that connection before ... I can work with that effectively as I'll grep out the Group from the "RDF Typ:G" and so be able to determine the RSID for that particular Rdev. Cheers.

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