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May 9th, 2021 07:00

Dead iDRAC after update

I had a very old BIOS and iDRAC on the server. As far as I remember it was 1.4.6 and 1.46.45, A00, respectively. As recommended, I first uploaded the latest iDrac iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller v. and uploaded from the system level - Windows Server 2012R2. The installation was fine, but after rebooting, the system does not see iDRAC - it is not initialized at startup, it is not visible in OMSA. I thought that the problem was the older BIOS - I uploaded the latest BIOS, updated the firmware on the cards (network, disk controller). But still iDRAC Express is dead. The LCD panel on the front is not working, the fans are running at full speed ...
What else can I do besides replacing the server motherboard?
I tried to disconnect the power for a long time - nothing helps.
Is there any procedure for uploading firmware to a dead iDRAC? If so, what version? Maybe some settings cleaning?

How is it that an update can mess up like this? No version checking?




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May 10th, 2021 00:00

Sorry to hear that. In BIOS and iDRAC updates, if the current FW version is too old, it is necessary not to update to the latest version. In such cases, it will be correct to update them sequentially. Maybe they can be updated by one by one or two skipping versions. I suspect you can't ping the iDRAC either. I want to share with you the steps to try that come to mind when the iDRAC is not responding;


Power drain;
1. Turn off the server.
2. Disconnect all power cords and network cables from the server.
3. Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.
4. Reconnect the power cord and network cable to the system.
5. Wait approximately 2 minutes before turning on the server to allow the iDRAC time to initialize.
6. Turn on the system.


You can then try to reset the iDRAC; the easiest way is to hold down the "i" key for about 15 seconds.


f the iDRAC firmware crashed, maybe you can try to fix it like in the article here.

If that doesn't work, we suspect the iDRAC has crashed. This model may require a motherboard change because the iDRAC is on the motherboard.


Let us know how it goes!

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May 10th, 2021 01:00

Thank you for your response.

I have already tested the power drain procedure - it did not help.

  • Reset:
    The "i" button looks not working too.
  • PS C: \ Users \ Administrator> racadm racresetcfg
    ERROR: Unable to perform requested operation
  • PS C: \ Users \ Administrator> Invoke-iDRACHardReset
    This will reset the iDRAC. Do you want to proceed with this operation? (Y / N):
    There is no result in powershell - error / done correctly.

Regarding the recovery procedure using an SD card. I do not have an iDrac Enterprise card in the server (slot is empty). There is only iDrac on the motherboard. Can I insert the SD card with the firmimg.d7 file into the internal dual SD module (385-11225) for recovery?
If so, which file should I use in the procedure? Which iDRAC update - oldest / newest / some intermediate?

Will buying an iDRAC Enterprise card fix the problem with iDrac not working on the motherboard? Is a basic onboard required for iDRAC Enterprise to function?

In case it was necessary to replace the motherboard - I found 2 models with PN: 07C9XP and 0MK701. What's the difference between them? Can I use them interchangeably?

Seweryn Kolano



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May 10th, 2021 04:00

As far as I understand from the part codes, your server is T320. When I checked the spare parts list between the two motherboards, I could not see any difference in details. This may be because parts that go to different continents or regions are distributed in different codes, but I'm not sure. If you want to be sure, when you enter the service tag, you will see "View Product Specs" under "Quick Links" on the right. You can check the track code here.
I am not sure if a dedicated iDRAC dedicated port to be purchased later will work properly at this point. As the firmware version I think as large jumps in updates can cause issues. I would recommend that you start only a couple version from your existing version and then jump only a couple at a time, or if it is marked urgent.
You can try using the internal dual SD card slot.
If you can access the Lifecycle Controller, you can try both iDRAC reset and NVRAM cache from here.
If LCC does not open, you can try NVRAM clear with jumpers as here. page 128

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June 6th, 2021 13:00

Welcome back
Unfortunately, I was not able to bring the iDRAC back to life, in addition, I noticed that after resetting the BIOS, I cannot save the boot order settings!
It seems to me that the board must have been damaged earlier during a storm (one of the power supplies was connected directly to the mains, the other to the UPS).
I ended up replacing the motherboard.


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