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April 22nd, 2024 12:52

expansion of RAID10 on PowerEdge R740xd


I'm trying to expand existing RAID10 on PowerEdge R740xd. Currently we have 8 drives configured as RAID10. I bought 2 extra drives of the same size, and added in to the server. 
Then I've logged in to iDRAC 9, In the disks menu i see two newly added drives that currently are in the state: ready. But under configuration -> storage configuration -> virtual disk configuration -> Virtual Disk Actions i can not see "expand" or "reconfigure".
Was looking around the internet and found that using port 1311 it is possible to log in to "Dell openmanage server administrator", but for some reason this page could not be loaded on our server. 

Could somebody help me with this issue? Where to go to expand existing and running raid10. 




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April 22nd, 2024 18:41



As seen below you should see reconfigure in the drop down menu under System Setup - Device Settings - the raid controller you're using - Main Menu - Virtual Disk Management. 



If it still isn't present then I would confirm the server is up to date on BIOS, iDrac, Raid Controller, as well as drives (if available).

Also, would you confirm the specific controller you are using, as well as if there is any other Virtual Disks on the controller?


As far as the 1311 port, that is if you have OpenManage Server Administrator installed on the sever, which you can find here



Let me know what you see. 




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