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January 15th, 2024 18:18

Help with API for AT NEXT REBOOT

Hi all, 

I am writing a script to automate BIOS changes and I am stuck on the part where I have to decide whether to Apply and Reboot or At Next Reboot. 

I am using Python and iDrac Redfish API.  I want to go with At Next Reboot however  I am stuck on it. 

I used: 

boot_settings_url = f'https://{idrac_ip}/redfish/v1/Managers/iDRAC.Embedded.1/Attributes/BootSettingsSave'# Payload for BootSettingsSaveboot_settings_payload = {"BootSettingsSave": "true"

however, I am getting the error message : 

Failed to set BootSettingsSave.HTTP Error:  404Response:  {'error': {'@Message.ExtendedInfo': [{'Message': 'Unable to complete the operation because the resource /redfish/v1/Managers/iDRAC.Embedded.1/Attributes/BootSettingsSave entered is not found.',

Having a search I found this: 

To resolve this issue, you will need to check the iDRAC server's firmware version and enable the "Redfish.1#NumericDynamicSegmentsEnable" attribute if it is not already enabled. If the "BootSettingsSave" attribute is not defined, you will need to contact Dell support for assistance.

Any idea how to make my changes be applied at the next reboot? 

January 19th, 2024 13:36

I figured it out! This creates a job for applying these settings at the next reboot

job_payload = {    "TargetSettingsURI": "/redfish/v1/Systems/System.Embedded.1/Bios/Settings",        }


job_response =, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(idrac_user, idrac_password),                                  headers=headers, data=json.dumps(job_payload), verify=False)


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