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September 4th, 2023 02:20

Unity & Unity XT BBU Compatibility

Sorry for my lack of English.

I have Unity BBU. Its part number is 078-000-094-00 and cover sticker part number is 088-000-169-00.

Battery sticker part number is 078-000-155-00.

I need to replace Unity XT BBU. Its part number 088-000-192-00.

Can i replace "Fault 088-000-192-00" to "New 078-000-169-00"?

Is it works normally after replace?

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05-09-2023 12:26 PM

Hello HELPmePLZbro,

Here are the replacement part#’s for a BBU on a UnityXT system.

078-000-192-00, 078-000-196-00, 088-000-192-00, & 088-000-196-00

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