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September 15th, 2023 08:52

UnityVSA Single SP - Clarity on max number of dual-path hosts supported with active iSCSI connections at the same time?

I have 16 ESXi hosts, each using the Software iSCSI Initiator and 2 iSCSI vmkernel ports for dual-path connectivity; that are happily connected to a UnityVSA SP (v5. 

Yesterday, I tried adding 4 more ESXi hosts, but they would not connect to the LUNs I presented them.

Looking at the UnityVSA initiator paths, the first 32 (the 16 hosts) were logged in, but the remaining 8 (the 4 new hosts) were not.

I shutdown 4 of the original 16 hosts and I was eventually able to get the 4 new hosts initiator paths to login and access the LUNs; so I am happy this is not a misconfiguration on the VMware side. 

After some research I found this table in the Unity ESSM support matrix.

It alludes to a UnityVSA Single SP supporting 32 hosts with 2 initiators per host. So this would be 64 initiator paths as a minimum.

Does anyone have a UnityVSA Single SP with more than 16 hosts / 32 active initiator paths working?

Is there a UnityVSA configuration setting I need to change to support more active paths?



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