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December 1st, 2023 15:52

Link Parent and Child Group Snaphot

I've got a Parent SG which Contains 3 Child Groups


Using the WUI I can create a snapshot of the Parent_SG, I can then link that snapshot to a new SG which will automatically create a new Parent Group and 3 new child groups and associated devices 

I've trying to replicate this using the CLI and symsnapvx but have not been successful

I can create the snapshot fine

symsnapvx -sid 001 -sg Parent_SG -name TEST_SNAP establish –secure -delta 1:00

when I then try to link the snapshot I run into errors

symsnapvx -sid 001 -sg Parent_SG -snap TEST_SNAP -gen 0 link -lnsg Parent_SG_NEW

this gives me the error 

"No Storage groups could be found for the specified input parameters"

I've then tried creating an empty destination parent group and trying the same command again 

symsg -sid 001 create Parent_SG_NEW
symsnapvx -sid 001 -sg Parent_SG -snap TEST_SNAP -gen 0 link -lnsg Parent_SG_NEW

"The number of source and target devices must be equal"



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December 4th, 2023 14:09


Thanks for your question.

Is it a standalone or embedded server? What is the version of Unisphere and solutions enabler? What are the outputs of these commands:

symdg show dg_tfsvx

symsnapvx -g  dg_tfsvx list




Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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