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November 21st, 2023 15:23

Unisphere client hangs after a few minutes use

We have several EOL VNX 5300 arrays to manage. In the past we used the array based unisphere and kept our java levels at an appropriate level to do so. Our security team has required that we uninstall any old versions of java and upgrade our jump servers to win2022. With the help of Dell/EMC support we installed the unisphere client on our win2022 jump boxes and have been able to connect to our VNX arrays without issue except that after logging in and making a few menu selections the little buffering circle will appear and continually rotate until we kill that session and start another.

Has anyone seen this behavior and resolved it ?


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December 3rd, 2023 00:47

VNX5300 use the old java applet in Unisphere. you can install a vnx launcher to manage it.

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