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July 9th, 2023 03:00

Vostro 3681 running 3 monitors

Hi - got a 3681 with onboard HDMI and VGA ports, running two 22" monitors, and a third Asus MB168B portable USB monitor that runs off USB.  It's used for a home business, no gaming requirement...

I'd now like to run a third 'normal' monitor rather than the portable one.  I've tried a USB to HDMI adapter ( however the performance is poor (very laggy, takes a while to 'wake up' after the screens timeout, the mouse pointer gets disrupted) so looking for a better solution. (When I ordered it the Amazon reviews were decent and it had 4 stars - all recent reviews are 1 star so something dodgy going on there...)

From reading around, if I put in a new graphics card the built-in card (Intel 620) would be disabled - would this also disable the onboard HDMI and VGA ports?  If so then any card I add in would need 3 ports, which looks like a bit of a struggle on a low profile card.

As one of my monitors is a Dell P2223HC with DisplayPort in and out I think my only option is a graphics card with a DisplayPort and one other port - maybe something like this MSI GT1030 ( however the size of the heat sink on that makes me wonder if it will physically fit inside the SFF case.

Has anyone got a SFF 3681 running three external screens, or can offer any more help? Don't really want to have to replace the PC to get a 3rd screen running.


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July 9th, 2023 17:00

Unfortunately, I can't look at your links.  Otherwise, Amazon wants me to change countries and it's difficult to change back.

If all 3 monitors have DP:

  • 30w Quadro P400 has 3 mini DP ports.  New ones may come with the required adapters.
  • 40w Quadro P600 has 4 mini DP ports.

If you go this route, be sure to get an LP (low profile) version.  Some may also come with both the large and small brackets.

If a monitor only has HDMI, then you may need a DP to HDMI adapter cable.

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July 29th, 2023 07:00

Thanks - ended up with a Low Profile Nvidia Quadro NVS 510 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card with 4 mini display port connections, off ebay, plus 3x mini DP to HDMI cables, for ~£45 / $58PXL_20230728_212802792.MP.jpg

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July 29th, 2023 12:00

Glad you got it working and nice setup by the way.  : )

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