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February 18th, 2023 16:00

Vostro Desktop 3910 not Windows 11 compatible ?

I posted earlier about a Vostro that would freeze up every few days. I have gone through the tests both before boot in the bois and the system test inside Windows with the Dell tech. I have also run the pre boot test memtest86 suggested in the previous post. Dell support thinks it's due to the ssd because it is not recording any errors. However they will not cover the cost because the ssd test fine even though it is two months old. 

So, wile double checking the drivers I noticed that all the drivers are for windows 10 not 11. However, the system is being shipped with Windows11. When I look on Dells web page of compatible systems for Windows 11 the Vistro 3910 is not supported for Windows 11 despite having a 12th gen I-5 processor. I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this? Are windows 10 driver usually the same? Is the fact that they are not listing it as a compatible machine possibly why it is having issues locking up?     

Thank in advance for any thoughts or help. 

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February 18th, 2023 17:00

It can be confusing. The 3910 is not on the list of Dell computers that can be updated to Windows 11 simply because it ships with Windows 11 and does not need an update. Now it gets even stranger. There are no Windows 11 drivers listed however the 3910 is on the list of Dell computers here that have been approved for Windows 11 22H2.

And in many cases the drivers are the same but I would not hold fast to the idea that all are compatible with Windows 11.

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February 18th, 2023 17:00

You can try remove the Dell ssd, install a spare hdd and do a Windows 10 clean install on it as a test. If pc does not freeze any more, it proves motherboard ram are both good, but if it still freezes then issue is not due to ssd or Windows 11.

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