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October 12th, 2023 17:43

Shutdown and power up procedures for maintenance | Vplex VNX and SAN Switches

Hi All

I must execute a power shutdown because we have to do a power maintenance in the site. 

I have this power shutdown sequence (for us just is important the red step number 6)

*Step by step Shutdown as follow :
1 step >Domino & AIX (applications & Databases)
2 step >VIO clients
3 step >VIO servers
4 step >Frame
5 step >HMC
6 step >Storage, Network Storage 
7 step >Network devices & Local network devices

Note: What should be power off first? Switches or Storages??

Note1: As in this example we are talking about Brocade switches the procedures are: 

 1 Backup configuration

 2 Then execute this command: sysShutdown (

Note2: In this environment we have a two back end storages (VNX 5400) and two front end storages (Vplex v6.2) so we need to know what should be power off first??

Well when the technician finishes their activity we have to perform the power up whit this sequence

For us is just importante the step 2 (red)

*Step by step Power Up as follow :
1 step >Network devices & Local network devices
2 step >Storage, Network Storage 
3 step >HMC
4 step >Frame
5 step >VIO servers
6 step >VIO clients
7 step >Domino, Aix (applications & Databases)

Note: We should start powering up the SAN Storages Switches

Note2: I Want to know what storage should start first? VNX o Vplex??

Apart from that let me know the procedures to powering off the VPLEXs and VNXs




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October 13th, 2023 14:48

Hello Roger Biderbost,

Here is a link to a kb that will be of assistance.

Here is also a link to solve online where you can get the procedures for doing shutdown and power on for your systems.

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October 19th, 2023 12:49

@Dell_Sam_L​ Thanks for your answer

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