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June 23rd, 2015 18:00


Hi there,

I understand that VDPA is included at no additional cost with both VSPEX BLUE models standard and advanced but that Data Domain is however is supported and optional.  However considering Data Domain is not supplied by default, I would like to confirm the following backup topologies for VSPEX BLUE VDPA.

  • If I have two VSPEX BLUE appliances connected to same network can I use VDPA on the 1st appliance to protect/backup VM's from 1st appliance and then replicate these backed up VM's to the 2nd VDPA on the second appliance?
  • Is it possible to mount an external NFS datastore from a local storage system e.g. NetApp to the vSphere cluster in the VSPEX BLUE appliance and then place the VDPA appliance on that datastore?
  • Beside Cloud Array for external offsite connectivity are there any options to connect external onsite storage to the VSPEX BLUE appliance to vSphere for additional datastores by use of any protocol?

Considering that Data Domain may not be used initially, I am trying to look at the available options when using VDPA on the VSPEX BLUE appliance to not have backup to itself but to backup and or replicate outside of the appliance. 

Look forward to opinions, thanks

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June 29th, 2015 23:00


If you have two VSPEX BLUE appliance, you can setup VDPA on each appliance, then using the VDPA replication function to replicating the source VMs / Clients to the target appliance. But normally we will use the RecoverPoint for VM to do the task.

You can add the external NFS to the BLUE appliance, but this is not a recommended best practice.

For connecting to the external onsite storage, since the VSPEX BLUE appliance can configured the iSCSI, therefore it would possible to connect the external storage to the local VSPEX BLUE via iSCSI.


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