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July 7th, 2015 16:00



Given that some vSphere technologies e.g. HA, vMotion, vSphere Replication appliance and other appliances can work with EVORAIL on VSPEX BLUE, does vSphere FT (Fault Tolerance) work or is it only VSAN fault tolerance that is provided. I did not see vSphere FT technology mentioned in EVORAIL or VSPEX BLUE documentation.

  • Considering you can connect to traditional vSphere vcenter by web client, you should be able to see vSphere FT if you right click a VM but will this work given the architecture?
  • Also is it possible to disable DRS and manually use vMotion to assign VM to specific host on the appliance?
  • What traditional vSphere technologies would work on the appliance in addition to vMotion, HA, DRS?

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October 23rd, 2015 10:00


  • FT is not supported by vSAN on ESXi version 5.5 and cannot be used in this release.
  • I would recommend not disabling DRS and using affinity rules to keep VMs on the hosts that you want
  • As VSPEX Blue is built using ESXi 5.5, traditional vSphere technologies should work fine as long as compatible with vSAN type datastore.


Fabio Cavalcanti

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