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November 22nd, 2023 17:53

Using vSphere Replication with a VxRail 7.480 environment

I installed a vSphere Replication appliance ion my VxRail environment. My version is 7.480. My hosts are VxRail P570F.
The version of vSphere Replication is build 21999688.
The install completed without issues. The option in the vSphere Client for Site Recovery is not present. See pic below.

I created a ticket with Dell as a low priority asking whether or not the site recovery option is available or will be available. Also, even if it is supported.

Has anyone else setup vSphere Replication in a VxRail environment?

Thank you.

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December 5th, 2023 20:39

Hello, I installed v8.7 of vSphere replication on our VxRail system v7.481. It also did not show up in the client options. I created a ticket as well and did not get a response yet.

On an older VxRail system I was able to install the vSphere replication appliance and it showed up correctly in that client.

What worked for me:
1. Install the vSphere appliance on the VxRail system

2. Use the administrator@vsphere.local username (in my instance) as the PSC (yours maybe different)

3. Give it a site name.

4. Accept the thumbprints

5. In the Vsphere replication appliance console > goto Certificates and click change.

6. I selected Generate a self-signed certificate, fill in the information. You may see error about the thumbprint

7. Reboot the vCenter

8. reboot the vSphere replication appliance

9. You may have to reconnect the site again and accept thumbprint.

Then my Site Recovery was present. All I have to do now is connect to the other vSphere replication appliance to start replicating.

Please make sure you have backups of your environment. You can do this process at own risk.

I hope it works for you.

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