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June 13th, 2023 05:00

VXR124015 ALARM Host management account no longer valid

We have just developed our first VxRail cluster with Dell. We ended up using generic passwords due to some issues we had with the deployment. After the system was, deployed, I went through and rest passwords and now have the following error. "VXR124015 ALARM Host management account no longer valid" on the VxRail Manager throughout vCenter. I also see, "Remote access for ESXi local user account 'esximgmt' has been locked for 900 seconds after 2062 failed login attempts." on each host.
Any ideas on how to fix this?



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June 14th, 2023 02:00

Hello Bucket_jfusio,

Here are a couple of kb’s that you can use to resolve your issue.

June 14th, 2023 05:00

THANKS!!! The second one got me fixed! Looks like all the ESXMGMT accounts on the hosts had the wrong password set. 

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