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September 11th, 2023 15:16

VxRail Monthly Support Highlights August 2023

VxRail Resources

  • VxRail Software Versions (choose VxRail Software version)
  • VxRail Quick Reference List Document
    • Solve Online for VxRail
    • Administration Guides
    • VxRail Release Notes
    • VxRail Support Matrixes
    • API’s
    • Event Codes
  • CloudIQ site
  • VxVerify - A healthcheck tool for VxRail, testing the nodes and system VM by automatically uploading scripts to each host and automating the analysis of the data that is returned.
    Additional details can be found at

Links above may require a login to access.


Have you updated to the Latest Code yet?


Updating/Upgrading to the latest code is important. Customers on latest code enjoy greater functionality and fewer outages/service requests.


Updating to the latest code ensures that you can take advantage of the newest features, functionality, fixes, and security enhancements. For VxRail, that means running code releases less than 12 months old, so code should be at 7.0.370 or greater.


We recommend customers implement the latest available code release 7.0.452 released on July 20th , 2023 or 8.0.110 released on Aug 10th, 2023 to ensure they are protected against all known security vulnerabilities and known bugs.


To learn more about target codes and release notes, please click here.

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