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September 10th, 2023 15:13

Inspiron 15 - missing wifi networks

Inspiron 15, model 33308 2016 2878

Inspiron 3542

Windows 10 x64 Enterprise

ALMOST all drivers installed by Windows setup (bluetooth + 2 other drivers missing, no obvious malfunctions)

Manual drivers tried: Network_Driver_CKNDK_WN32_10.0.0.318_A00, Network_Driver_X4Y5C_WN32_7.35.295.0_A01, Network_Driver_XT97T_WN32_7.35.333.0_A04

Broadcom WiFi (model 1704) + Bluetooth combo

PROBLEM: it does not detect my own wifi network (ASUS router, 2.4 GHz, 20/40 bandwidth, WPA2-Personal)

It detects wifi networks from neighbors (between 2 and 8 networks).

Each time I disable/enable wifi (from Windows), it detects other (seemingly random) networks. Sometimes it shows all 8, sometimes less. Never my own network.

It detects and connects to my Android hotspot (both open, no password and WPA2-Personal, tested just now).

With Windows 8.1 it detected and connected OK to ASUS router, no changes to router since then.

I did a full reinstall, delete partition.

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