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July 22nd, 2015 18:00

Factory reset device - Stuck at Wyse logo

I had a problem with this device right after I reset the screen size. I received repeated system.ui has stopped errors and finally had to reboot to get out of the loop. The device never came up back after that.

I have had similar problems with Chinese knock off Android sticks in the past and resetting to factory usually resolves the problem. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a published way to do this on the Cloud Connect. Everything i find says to do it through the control panel. This is impossible because it never gets to the desktop. It gets stuck at the black Wyse Cloud Connect screen.

The device is up and running because I can access it via ADB. It is even connecting ot wifi and the companion app on my phone can see it, but it won't get to the desktop.

Can anyone tell me how to reset it with a key combo or something?

Also, how can there be zero posts in this forum?

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