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June 2nd, 2022 07:00

Manage Wyse 5470 mobile client with WMS

We use Wyse 5470 mobile thin clients in a check-out laptop cart scenario.  The carts are managed, meaning they have a network switch and all clients are hardwired to the network while in the cart.

Is there a good way, or best practice case to send DTOS updates/changes with WMS while the clients are in the cart (closed lid, possibly powered off)?

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June 2nd, 2022 08:00

When the devices are turned on and boot up they will get their policy assigned via WMS, and if firmware/package updates are part of that they will be applied.

If you want to try and force the devices to wakeup and apply settings, you can try a device command to "Wake on Lan".  success of a Wake on lan packet is entirely dependent on your network and if it allows the packets to be broadcast to wake the device. 


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