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December 9th, 2022 08:00

ThinOS 2211 (9.3.3099) has been released


Support for converting from WES to ThinOS

Ring Central Support

ControlUP Support


Package Updates

● EPOS_Connect_7.2.0.29149.1.pkg
● HID_Fingerprint_Reader_210217.18.pkg
● VMware_Horizon_2209.
● Identity_Automation_QwickAccess_2.
● Imprivata_PIE_7.9.000.0023.1162.pkg
● Jabra_8.5.5.1.pkg
● Cisco_Jabber_14.1.2.307144.7.pkg
● Teradici_PCoIP_22.07.3.16.pkg
● Cisco_WebEx_VDI_42.10.0.23814.5.pkg
● Cisco_WebEx_Meetings_VDI_42.
● Microsoft_AVD_1.9.2017.pkg
● Zoom_Citrix_5.11.9.21750.8.pkg
● Zoom_Horizon_5.11.9.21750.8.pkg
● Zoom_AVD_5.11.9.21750.5.pkg
● ControlUp_VDI_Agent_1.
● RingCentral_App_VMware_Plugin_22.3.30.1.pkg

Admin Guide

Release Notes



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January 30th, 2023 06:00

Temporary fix for us is to Reverse the MFA setting. For a user who is enforced we disabled the MFA policy (Not Conditional access) and for a user with MFA disabled we enabled.

Not sure yet why making this change fixes the issue but presume it makes AVD re-evaluate the authentication methods allowing access to the feeds.

Hope this helps someone!

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December 12th, 2022 01:00

Even with this latest update, still getting occasional issues (random users on random devices) that no AVD feeds are displayed and this error gets logged in the event log on ThinOS: [Azure] Download ARMV2 feeds failed

A ticket is open with Dell support (since late october) but no progress yet. Only solution is downgrading to 2205 and AVD package 1.7.

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January 30th, 2023 21:00

We do not use user-based MFA, only conditional access. And messing with MFA does not seem like a fix to me. It's a bug in the AVD package, as simple as that. (We have some working democode so finally it's being worked on, but now connecting to Windows 11 session hosts doesn't work anymore.)

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