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September 25th, 2023 17:47

Trap Error

I just upgraded my Citrix infrastructure to CVAD 2308 and now my old Wyse clients running 8.x are getting Trap: Page fault errors:

I realize running 8.x firmware is old, but hoping to get a bit more life out of these units.

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September 26th, 2023 13:58

CVAD 2308 was not qualified with ThinOS 8.6 as it's development was frozen in July of 2021.  The last Security only update was released in December 2022, and it will go completely end of support in January 2024.   As ThinOS 8.6 used a custom build of the old Citrix Receiver (which isn't supported against CVAD 2308) and lacks support for many required features (BCR, Teams optimization) I would strongly encourage you to move off the EOL platforms.

That being said, traps are usually related to USB peripherals. You could try and eliminate USB peripherals to see if the traps cease. 

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