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October 27th, 2023 14:02

USB printer Redirection - Wyse 3040 (ThinOS 2308)

I am struggling to get a Dymo Label Writer working on a Wyse 3040 (OS version 9.4.3087, common printer package, Bios 1.2.5).  The thin client detects the printer, it is listed as LPT1 DYMO LabelWriter 450 Trubo - PS port.  It shows up on the windows 10 VM as Redirected using the TS001 port.  However the print driver is grayed out as MS Publisher Imagesetter.  Not sure if this is normal?  I cannot find a way around it.  Reinstalled the drivers on the VM and do not see a place to add the print driver to the thin client itself.

There is no option for a USB virtual port as well.  I try to add the printer manually by LPT1 port or TS001.  The Dymo software thinks the label printer is connected but when you print windows has an error it cannot print.

I have tried connecting the label printer to a different port and attached a different VM to the thin client.  For what it is worth we always had had problems with label printers working, but I am stuck at what else to look for.

USB redirection is enabled in the policies and printers are not excluded.

October 29th, 2023 22:08

I should add a few more items that may be helpful.  We have the same model thin client on the older 8.6 OS that is working.  It shows up as LPT1 re-directed printer using the dymo label writer 450 driver.  On the 9.4X, it shows up as redirected TS001 with MS Publisher Imagesetter.  I went through all the config settings and don't see a reason for this.  How can I force this USB printer to use LPT1 port with the correct driver?  I attempted to try attaching a different VM to the thin client and had the same issues and removed the computer from any GPO.  I feel there has to be a simple setting on the ThinOS 9.x config I am missing but I am not sure?  Also removed the drivers completely, reinstalled.  It auto adds the printer with a default publisher driver regardless what I change and doesn't use LPT1 port even if LPT1 the default for the thin client.

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